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Interogating community led strategies for sanitation provision at scale in South Africa Through SDI and the SHARE project Ikhayalami as a technical innovation for informal settlement upgrading organisation was commissioned to work with the Informal Settlement Network, and the Federation of the Urban Poor (FEDUP) to come up with a number of alternative solutions to address the acute sanitation needs of an informal settlement in Nelson Mandela Bay. The attached research monograph was the result of the research and engagements over a 2 year period that resulted in the implementation of an ablution block with the SA SDI Alliance.
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Evictions in Marlboro South, Johannesburg
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Design and Build Workshop` Exciting two-week design workshop between Ikhayalami and ETH Chair of Architecture and Urban Design, Alfredo Brillembourg and Hubert Klumpner. The objectives are 1) to design a double story shack upgrade that meet the following criteria: affardable, easy to transport, simple and quick to build while at same time being a vast improvement to current living in informal settlements. 2) To develop a back-end programme that will that will assist in developing a multitude of desing options for blocking-out. 3) To start looking at sustainable solar power options.
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BM Fire Diary of events 1st January - 9 Feb 2013 On the 1st January 2013, Tuesday in the early hours of the morning a devastating fire swept through BM Section Informal Settlement in Khayeltisha resulting in the the death of 5 people and the destruction of 800 homes. The diary of events follows events that hampered immediate response to action by Ikhayalami and the community resulting finally in a way forward by the 8th of February.
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Informal Settlement Upgrading 2009 HDM Paper
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Poster & Summary Poster & Summary
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Transforming Minds Transforming Minds
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