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1st Empower Shack built in-situ

The very first empower shack double story upgraded shelter for in-situ informal settlement upgrading has been built in Khayelitsha BT Section. This was done in alignment with the City's Informal Settlement Department and with consent from the Anti-Land Invasion Unit. The aim of the project was to test the first prototype double story of the Empowershack project which will be a work in progress until we reach a prototype that communities are happy with and that meets the requirements of being quick to build, simple to construct, easy to transport, a vast upgrade of previous living conditions and importantly affordable.

Phumezo Tsibanto a Sconanathi leader and the leader of the BT Section Informal Settlement was identified as the most approriate person to test out the first double story empowershack. Phumezo had helped facilitate the first in-sity re-blokcing project in Sheffield Rd with Ikhayalami in 2010. As far back as that time he indicated that he wanted his settlement to be re-blocked with double story shack upgrades. The building of this prototype helped catalyse the community and created tremendous interest in the project. Since then community involvement and participation in the project has kept growing from strenght to strenght. Initially only a third of the communty wanted to go double story - now all households have chosen to go vertical.


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