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Empowershack 2016 update

The Empower(shack) project based in BT Section Khayelitsha Site C is ready for the roll out and building of 68 double story prototypes in 2017. The focus for 2016 has been: 1. the tweaking and finalising the prototype design, 2. finalising and completing BT South, 3. consultation with the City of Cape Town and instalation of infrastructure for taps and ... Read More

Shelter Upgrade Loan Finane 2016 Update

Ikhayalami's Shelter Upgrade Loan Finance programme was launched in January 2013. From as ealry as 2006 when Ikhayalmi started researching and designing upgraded fire and flood resistant shelters we realised there was a tremendous need to enable shack dwellers access to credit to upgrade their lives. However in the early years our focus was and still is on disaster response ... Read More

Enterprise Finance

The newly launched Enterprise Finance programme that began last year October 2015 has successfully revolved over R200 000 in small business development loans. The programme is led by renowned micro finance expert Mr. Ben Nkuna the former Mananging Director of Small Enterprise Foundation and the CEO of Women's Development Business (WDB). Ben as Ikhayalami's Finance Manager intends on growing this ... Read More

1st Empower Shack built in-situ

The very first empower shack double story upgraded shelter for in-situ informal settlement upgrading has been built in Khayelitsha BT Section. This was done in alignment with the City's Informal Settlement Department and with consent from the Anti-Land Invasion Unit. The aim of the project was to test the first prototype double story of the Empowershack project which will be ... Read More

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