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Empowershack 2016 update

The Empower(shack) project based in BT Section Khayelitsha Site C is ready for the roll out and building of 68 double story prototypes in 2017. The focus for 2016 has been:

1. the tweaking and finalising the prototype design,

2. finalising and completing BT South,

3. consultation with the City of Cape Town and instalation of infrastructure for taps and toilets for the 4 BT South units,

4. Installing grey water wash station with plants for filtration, installing landsaping and indigenous gardens in BT South

5. in-depth engagment with the community around proposed layouts for BT North, peoples unit size choices in correspondence to need and affordability and finalising of the micro finance programme and unit choices

6. Signing an MOU with the City of Cape Town

7. Prepartion for project implementation including the finalising of the layout for BT North and getting Council approval


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