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Ikhayalami Disaster Response 2016

The project responded effectively and quickly to acute housing problems faced by very poor urban families living in precarious and unsafe conditions as a result of 2 types of extreme emergencies, 1. As a result of ‘natural’ disasters such as those that resulted in shack fires and 2. As a result of precarious living conditions of families residing in deplorable dwellings not fit for human habitation.

 Ikhayalami successfully supported 91 families, comprised of 427 people who had encountered extreme emergencies in the form of both natural and social disasters. Of the 91 householdsp 54 households had suffered the extreme effects of shack fires in 14 seperate informal settlements and 37 households were identifified by Sikhona Nathi and vetted by Ikhayalmi as households living in extremely deplorable and vulnerable living conditions.

Ikhayalami responded to such disasters effectively by providing durable, fire and flood resistant shelter, working closely with the affected communities and where possible did this in a new layout with both measures reducing the likelihood of future disasters. In instances of shack fire response Ikhayalami worked with the City of Cape Town who have improved their disaster response kit. Over the years IKhayalami's disaster response strategy of providing fire and flood resistant material linked to re-blocking has had an influence on Governments approach in dealing with informality both at the level of in-situ re-blocking projects and more recently has nfluenced government to alter their policy with regards to the type of material they provide shack fire victims. The mateira they now provide is far better, stronger and able to build a 12sqm structure  where before only a roof of 2.4 x 2.4 with timber poles was provided by the State. 

Together with CIty and Ikhayalmi materail the Ikhayalami team redesigned the shelters, combined the materials effectively to maximise the size and best use of space.

With the combination of both materials from Government and Ikhayalami plus with Ikhayalami's expertise in designing a new structures by combining the use of the material, Ikhayalami was able to assist families to maximise the use of the material rebuilding shelters comparable to what they were before the fire.

In instances of shack fires Ikhayalmi assesses households ability to make a financial contribution to their upgrade. Of the 54 households only 26 households made financial contributions towards the provision of material and Ikhayalami's expertise in terms of re-designing and re-building the structures. In instances of social response builds all households were expeted to make a small financial contribution. Where families were asked to make a contribution the amount they needed to pay was R800 over a four month period. This amounts to only 7.5% of the costs with Ikhayalami contributing the rest through funding we recieve from Selavip, Percy Fox Foundation and Gerald Fox.

Of the funds collected a certain amount goes towards covering Sikhona Nathi operational expenses and paying for community labour/volunteerism. The surplus gets re-absorbed to assist other families in need.

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