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Ikhayalami wins Serious Gaming Competition

The competition, which was funded by the Western Cape Government Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDAT), called for local game developers to create a game that would help address the socio-economic challenges faced by Western Cape youth.

The win sees Ikhayalami and game development company RenderHeads join forces under the name Vukuzenzele to innovate in yet another field: developing and distributing a serious digital game about informal settlement upgrading. The outcome was announced at the finals of the competition, held at the Bandwidth Barn in Woodstock on Tuesday 4 April.

Vukuzenzele is a puzzle game about re-imagining informal settlements in South Africa, through the concept of "re-blocking" (a community driven initiative involving the reconfiguration of settlement layouts to ones that are more rationalised, allowing for the provision of basic services, safe spaces for women and children, vehicular and emergency access and importantly the upgrading of the shacks to dignified forms of shelter.

IKhayalami and Renderheads will be working closely together to refine the game and roll it out in the coming months. 



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