Our Projects

Forever Educare Creche Upgrading

Location: Samora Machel Settlement, Philippi, Cape Town - April 2015 Project Type: Creche Upgrading Project Description: Forever Creche was built several years ago by Ikhayalami.  However, due to the harsh weather conditions during Cape Town’s winters and the severe lack of infrastructural development in informal settlements, Forever was suffering from flooding problems in front of the creche.  So, together with Catholic ... Read More

Loan Finance Upgrade Bulela

Date: 2 February 2015 Area Name: Vredenburg Settlement Name: N/A (backyarder) Head of household: Siya Bulela  Age: 32 Size of new upgraded shack: 18 sqm  Resourced by: Ikhayalami Loan Finance Repayment by: Siya Bulela    Read More

Makhaza Disaster Response

Location: Makhaza, Khayelitsha, Cape Town - February 2015 Project Type: Disaster Response  Project Description: In February, the backyard shack of Nomfazo Khahla burned to the ground in an accident.  Through Ikhayalami's connections with an ISN and Sconanathi leader, we were able to quickly respond to the disaster and provide Ms. Khahla with a completely rebuilt, fire resistant shelter using the Ikhayalami ... Read More

Nolingwe Crèche Upgrading

Location: Kosovo Settlement, Philippi, Cape Town - January 2015  Project Type: Creche Upgrading Project Description: Though it served over thirty children, before Ikhayalami got involved in Nolingwe creche was in desperate need of upgrading.  The structure was poorly constructed, and was a health and safety risk to the children.  In addition to the ever-present threat of collapse, the structure frequently leaked ... Read More

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