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Disaster Response Mga

Sheffield Road, Philippi, Cape Town - 2015

Project Type: Disaster Response

Project DescriptionZolisile Mga, resident of the Sheffield Road Informal Settlement in Philippi township, lost his home to an electrical fire.  Likely caused by a bad connection, the fire burned his house down.  Mobilizing our Disaster Response Team, Ikhayalami constructed walls for his new, 3.3m x 6m home.  The roof for his home was provided by the City of Cape Town.  Because of Ikhayalami’s ability to quickly mobilize, we were able to prevent Zolisile from becoming homeless because of this tragic but all too common disaster.  Further, the improved quality of our building materials will help to protect his home and the surrounding shacks from the spread of any future fires.  

  • Goals:
    • Provide emergency relief to a destitute disaster victim by building the foundations for an upgraded, fire resistant shelter 
    • Raise awareness of Ikhayalami’s Disaster Response Fund
  • Impact:
    • Provided shelter to a destitute disaster victim
    • Created awareness amongst Sheffield Road residents about Ikhayalami’s Disaster Response Fund and our fire resistant building materials 
  • Project Collaborators: City of Cape Town


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